RULES Horizontalroulette

Following these simple rules at our service is very important if members want to avoid the banhammer. Horizontalroulette have qualified moderators that watching our chat time by time in order to keep our web cam chat portal in safety. Anyone who follows our short list of rules should not experience any kind of problems. Also, if member going to break any of our main rules, he would get banned on the service and will be not able to keep using our webcam chat.

  • Since the nudity was allowed, member will be at least 20 years old to use our portal. If someone uses this service and hi is underage, he will be instantly get ban
  • Rude actions are not acceptable. If someone insult others or attempt to hurt their feelings in any type of method, he will get ban on our web site
  • It’s necessary for members to report any sort of inappropriate actions if they are notice this fact. Moderators of Horizontalroulette are amazing team and we need them to create a useful instrument to make this project just a best chat on the network.