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Omegle chat

Omegle is a website which allows their users to communicate with other uknown users. This site pairs users in chat sessions. These users are randomly picked up; hence they are completely strangers to each other’s.

On this website user can communicate to others without registration, and there are no any charges for socialization on this site. This is a completely free online chat website. This site features not only text chat but also video conferencing, and also available for mobile devices.

Omegle get around 150,000 views in a day after the launch of the site within a month. The site is launched on 25th march,2009 by leif K-broos. he was an 18 years old boy from Brattleboro, Vermont.

How Omegle pair users

Omegle pair users with the help of their common interest. and sometimes users are randomly picked without any common thing.

Feature of the Omegle site

Omegle provides only text chat in which user anonymously pairs to other stranger. After some period of time site allows to make voice chat and video chat. Initially it is unmonitored version in which anyone aged thirteen and above can open video section which may contain adult content. and filtered was done by using image recognition algorithms only. After 2013, thee newer version allows only adults over eighteen years to view adult content.

Drom chat Mode

Drom chat mode began experimenting in 2014, this feature is specially for student. For this user requires an email address with ".edu" to confirmation of users associated with university or college. It is useful to chat and share educational video and other content with colleagues and classmates.

Omegles Alternative

In 2009, Omegle was only site to offer video chatting and text chatting with strangers.     Since Omegle restricted adult and sexual content many users have been searching for Omegle alternative chat sites which allows them to view and share adult content.                                         

By seeing Omegles success there are many newer websites come in the market to offering free text chat, video chat and other new features. The users looking for less restricted site and Omegles alternative chat sites go for this websites. if a user is looking for Omegles alternative then he will go for best Omegle alternative site.

Omegles alternative chat sites

Following are some examples of Omegles alternative sites

  • Chat roulette

Chat roulette is one of Omegles alternative site which was started nearly same period of time of Omegle launch.

This site is not best alternative for Omegle as there are some missing features like

  1. Interests matching - it doesn’t support interest matching feature
  2. Flash Player is required - it needs flash player to run the site.
  3. No only text chat mode - it doesn't provide text chat mode.

Therefore, chat roulette is Omegles alternative video chat site.

  • Emerald chat

Emerald is the best Omegle chat alternative. Emerald provide up vote/ downvoter facilities to users which decides users ranking. and provides other all facilities which the Omegle website is providing.

  • Chatki

It is a free Omegle chat alternative and have much more features than other chat sites

  • Shagle

It is also Omegles alternative video chat site which provides only video chat.

  • Chat random

It is Omegles chat alternative site. There are many more Omegle alternatives are available in the market, some of them offers more features and some provide less. User can decide which site is best Omegle alternative as per their requirement and satisfaction.