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How Alfonso deceive women and girls?

Basically, Alfonso chosen tactics of their fraudulent schemes since the creation of his own image. The image of a business person, mostly a businessman, it is possible variant of an oligarch, a noble man in some circles, etc. The basis of these images always in one and the same essence - he has a lot of money. (You can also read more about this on our chatroulette alternative blog!) You do not see them, but according to his story, he self-sufficient, a rich man. The clothes they choose accordingly, expensive clothes emphasizes they image. He dedicates his victim once in his life, tells a lot about his business, future plans; he can hang bullshit almost crowned about the wedding in the UK on white horses and retinue of a thousand people. Every girl dreams of a fairy tale, a beautiful, well-groomed man with money, self-sufficient - it is what she need. Although the victims that they choose are not too poor business woman seems to want to see next to a secured man, not the one who will sit on the neck, because this rich image gigolo smooths out all doubts. A woman loves with ears and melted by beautiful words, a woman can outshine even much careful there, she dreamed about it my whole life may need to take this macho, until it's gone. After a while, until a woman has not moved away from this whole tale, Alphonse prepares its plan. Everything is going well, and then assume he might be some kind of falling shares on the stock exchange, it loses some of its investments, but to get them back, he needs to make $ 10 000. He turns to her beloved, to help him regain his income and promises that it will return the specified sum within a week, and they go to the Canary Islands suppose. Woman without hesitation agrees to help and gave him the said amount in the hope that everything will be fine and the tale in the Canary Islands will begin next week. All would be good, but a gigolo takes the money and disappears.

How Alfonso choose victims on the Internet.

Quite simply, it is important that Alfonso acquainted with people who are do not know anything about him, and this is certainly the Internet, there is a good space and a choice from ordinary students, ending completely self-sufficient people. Why self-sufficient people are learn about the Internet? It's simple - most of the time they spent on the business, the time getting to know Alfonso is not enough, because in parallel in the office at work they devote an hour or two of time in the hope to meet. Itis necessary for Alfonso:

  • Find money.
  • Create the desired image
  • Translate introduction to the meeting
  • Wash brains
  • Advertisement on the money
  • Vanish into thin air